Learning Zone – Taking Textbooks into the Future

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Learning Zone redefines what a textbook can be. “People assume that when we talk about a ‘textbook’, we mean an inaccessible, dense tome. Nothing could be further from the truth,” points out Oxford University Press Southern Africa Higher Education and Trade Director Marian Griffin Kloot.

Learning Zone is an online extension of the textbook experience – a website that opens the gate to a selection of additional resources. All resources are title specific, building upon existing content and concepts. Available resources include self-marking assessments, teaching plans, case studies, PowerPoint slides and many more. Learning Zone’s interface locates content through a chapter-based process so that all material is easily accessible and replicates a student’s journey through the textbook.

“We’re thrilled with Learning Zone because it offers exactly what lecturers have been asking us for – support for them, and support for students, including quick, self-marking quizzes aligned with the textbooks. And it’s free to prescribing lecturers and their students,” said Marian Griffin Kloot.

To learn more about Learning Zone feel free to watch our introductory video or have a look at our infographic guides below.

Learning Zone for Lecturers Studio Learning Zone for Students Studio

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